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Here's a page of every post I've written thus far broken down into categories. Check out what interests you! I'm warning you ahead of time, you should know I'm a bit of a rambler and I have a slight sense of humor based mostly on sarcasm. - just thought you should know that otherwise my writing may not make very much sense...

Introduction Post

Guest Posts by Me on Other Blogs-
"The Quirk"
Check Out "The Quirk"!
Scientific Incentives to Give Better HUGS
Before You Post That Selfie
Why Failure is Actually a Good Thing
Adjectives are Important
Obamacare: Skillful Deception
All My Cat's and Their Dramatically Different Personalities
Introducing....Mr. Tony Stark! New Kitty!
Why Don't We Eat at Taco Bell? Here's why.
Meet Bubbles: My Tiny Turtle
Trust God, Even When You're Living Your Worst Nightmare
What I'm up to These Days (Fall 2013 Life Update)
My Workout Routine(s)
Happy New Year (Belated) - Life Update (Winter 2014)
Gluten Free Dinner Disaster
I guess I owe y'all an update: FAI Pre-op. 6/11/14
Post-Op Update...12 Days late.
4 Month Post-op Update (Right Hip)
Coming Soon: FAI Surgery #2 (Pre-op, left hip)
Surgery has been postponed: I'm sick (Pre-op, left hip)
Surgery reschedule is scheduled! (Pre-op, left hip)
2 Week Post-op Update (Post-op left hip)
6 Week Post-op Update (Post-op left hip)

Dogs vs. Cats
Apparently All Americans are Supposed to have Pet Eagles?
Cognitive Brain Patterns of Baby Turtles





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