Friday, September 6, 2013

Introducing....Mr. Tony Stark! New Kitty!

So actually...this is a confession from my rambling mind: I was "supposed" to post about this awhile ago, and the original intent of this post was supposed to be what's in this post. Since that post was too long as it already was, I decided to create a separate post introducing our newest feline family member. So here goes! The post that's been in my drafts for wayyyy longer than I wanted it to. 

Meet Mr. Tony Stark, our new kitty! (well actually I've had him for a little over a month...)

He followed my parents home one evening while they were walking and I was out with friends. What a sweet surprise to come home to!

He's super sweet and playful and hilarious (meaning he's purrfect!). Currently he hasn't figured out how to use his vocal features very well, but I'm sure he'll get that under control soon. He loves catching bugs, playing with fawns, annoying Miss. Priss, and eating (we have him outside for the purpose of pest control...and also 'cause having 2 male cats in the house is a recipe for disaster). Only thing he's missing is an iron suit (now does the name ring a bell?)!

So far he's super photogenic (compared to most cats)

(sorry for the horrible quality, didn't have my long lens with me at the time. but they're still cute!)

(photos by me) 

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