Friday, February 27, 2015

Blessed to be Texan (Happy Texas Independence Day) - Part 2

Due to the unexpected popularity of "I'm from Texas, What Country are you From?", the post I wrote last year for Texas Independence Day, I am publishing a sequel featuring more things all Texans should love. Enjoy!

You might be a [true] Texan if...

  • You actually knew before reading this blog post that March 2nd is Texas Independence Day.
  • If you know what that even means.
  • If you actually celebrate it. 
  • If you know important Texas History tidbits by heart.
  • If you consume any of the following at least once a month, if not once a week:
- Chicken Fried Steak
- Steak
- Mexican Food
- Pecan Pie
- Blue Bell
-Dr. Pepper
  • If no summer is complete until you've tubed the Comal, Frio, Guadalupe, and San Marcos rivers. 
  • Or if your favorite place to swim isn't your local pool, because you have access to Barton Springs, Blue Hole, Hamilton Pool, Jacob's Well, and Krause Springs!
  • If you actually know how to pronounce Krause Springs. 
  • If you've driven on highways (big and small) and the speed limit is 85.
  • If you can get any object you want in the shape of your state and not think its too prideful.
  • If you believe in state pride, and that belief is obvious to everyone around you.
  • If someone offers you assistance in a store and they don't even work there. 
  • If you've worn shorts and a heavy-weight jacket at the same time.
  • If your a girl and you wear cowboy boots with your sundresses and/or shorts and its perfectly in style.
  • If "there might be sleet" is an excuse for your school district to call a "snow day". 
  • If you or someone you know has security lights installed on their house but doesn't bother locking the door.
  • If you're a female who carries jumper cables in your truck and knows how to use them. 
  • If you call all cars trucks, regardless of whether they actually are or not!
  • If "vacation" means going anywhere other than your own town for the weekend. 
  • If you find 70 degrees a "little chilly". 
  • If you or someone you know have hit a deer, more than once, on the highway. 
  • If you consider camo to be your unofficial state color. 
  • If you or someone you know has worn a camo formal gown or tux to prom. 
  • If the following restaurant scenarios get on your nerves:
-  they do not serve sweet tea
- they charge extra for chips and salsa 
- they only carry off-brand 'Dr. Pepper'
- they serve melted cheese instead of queso

  • If you've gotten caught up in a "Whataburger vs. In-N-Out" argument.
  • If you secretly hate people who constantly complain about hating living here.
  • If you know George Strait really is our state king. 
  • If you know how to correctly pronounce the following Texas places and things:
- Corsicana, Tx
- Decatur, Tx
-Gruene, Tx
- Burnet, Tx
- Refugio, Tx 
- Mexia, Tx
- Humble, Tx
- New Braunfels, Tx
-Waxahachie, Tx
-Nacogdoches, Tx
- Palestine, Tx
-Pflugervile, Tx
 -Bexar County
-Kuykendahl Road (in Houston) 
- Pedernales

  • If you have manners that include saying "please", "thank you", " excuse me" "yes ma'am", and "yes sir" and get mad when other people don't use them or give you funny looks when you do. 
  • If you know that the true value of a parking space is determined by level of shade, not distance. 
  • If you've been in a traffic jam that involves two cars at a 4-way stop trying to be polite to each other by letting the other-one have the right of way even if its technically their own turn.
  • If a Meredes Benz is not a status symbol, but a lifted Ford F-350 is. 
  • If you've ever had this conversation: "You wanna coke?" "Yeah." "What Kind?" "Dr. Pepper."
  • If you follow multiple Texas themed social media accounts. 
  • If you or someone you know believes that Texas should secede. 
  • If you prefer to listen to local artists that make up the genre "Texas Country" music rather than mainstream stuff.
  • If you own and regularly wear a rather large collection of state themed t-shirts. 
  • If people think your accent is "cute";
  • If you either support the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans, not both, and you don't switch between who's doing better. 
  • If you still love the Cowboys even when they're doing less than great.
  • If  you've seen a Jaguarundi or a black panther or  a mountain lion in the wild. 
  • If you or someone you know gets paid to hunt wild hogs. 
  • If you or someone you know participates in  Rattlesnake Roundups. 
  • If your town goes all out for Homecoming.
  • If when you go to a high school dance the only thing anybody can do is the Texas two-step.
  • If you don't have a problem staying in-state for college because you have so many amazing in-state choices. 
  • If you would never consider moving out-of-state. 
  • If you consider hunting/shooting to be your sport. 
    • Christmas shopping involves a trip to Calela's, Cavenders, Bass Pro Shop or a local general store. 
    • If you've received gifts such as: 
    - cowboy boots
    - belt buckles
    - Schlitterbahn tickets/season passes
    - boxes of Pangburn's Millionaires
    -  Texas themed Ugly Sweater
    - a Collin Street Bakery fruit cake
    - a gift card to a steak house
    -something made from horse shoes
    - college football jerseys/t-shirts or game tickets (either UT or A&M)

    If you understand all of these jokes and the ones listed in my first post of this series, congratulations - whether you like it or not, you are a true Texan! 

    For more Texas stuff, follow my Deep In the Heart of Texas Pinterest Board!

    Happy Texas Independance day, Texans! 


    Tuesday, February 3, 2015

    Check Out "The Quirk"!

    During this semester, my homeschool co-op's journalism  class is doing a blog project. Check it out! 

    "The Quirk"

    Here is our first post of the year, written by yours truly!

    I will be writing on it twice a week - a long post on Tuesdays and a short post on Sundays. 

    Thanks for reading!!!