Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 VMA Red Carpet Fashion Review

Was this purposely planned to be the worst dressed night in music award red carpet fashion's history?
 I can't even begin to pick a favorite, because in my humble opinion, nearly everyone was dressed like trash or barely missing the garbage can. 

Ug. Runway fashion these days. I'm not such a fan of it.

The only outfits I can come close to liking are those of Taylor Swift (in Hervé Léger By Max Azria) and Ariana Grande (in Kenley Collins). 

However, even these I'm not the biggest fan of, but their obviously the easiest to choose as the best dressed.
Taylor SwiftI don't always aprove of wearing a Herve Leger, but when I do, it's usually because its a long one. The short ones make your figure look just a little toooo fabulous. But there are a few people who can pull it off, but only a few few. The longer length gives this notoriously naughty dress a sense of class. However, I really wonder how she kept cool. The material is so thick and tight fitting and it doesn't breath (its constructed entirely of  heavy duty elastic); just trying on one of the short ones makes me heat up. 

Ariana Grande - Yes, I have to agree the dress is adorable. However, not even for the sake of modesty, this dress would look much better on her if it were a tad longer. I'm also daring to say that nude heels would go better with it than the far...Even though white point toe pumps were the style of the 50's, but if shes gonna go 50's get a knee length dress. If she wasn't trying to go 50's, add 3" onto the dress and add nude pumps instead. But her hair is adorable as ever. 

As for everyone else who participated in the VMA Red Carpet, you don't need to hear my opinions on them. 
Except that Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga definitely receive my award as by the worst dressed, and that was a very hard decision to make, as there were so many to choose from! 

Sheer dresses with built in lingerie, bodysuits, pant sets, paneled bodycon separates, and indescribably weird get-ups lined the runway at this years VMA's. Who woulda thunk.


                                 For more outrageous photos from this event, click here.

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