Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tiffany's, A Glamorous Movie, Money, & My Favorite Color

Tiffany's. Don't you just love Tiffany's? I sure do. Pearls.
Diamonds. Intricately crafted fine silver. A girl's dream jewelry - particularly when it comes to engagement rings... I mean what girl doesn't dream of being proposed to with a beautiful sparkling diamond ring made with the purest silver and packaged in the cutest  box ever!?!? For the majority of the population, this is just a dream. But that's OK. If I had a ring like that I'd be afraid to wear it for fear of ruining it with mud or cookie dough or cake icing dye or something like that! Or losing it. And actually, I think I'd feel really weird having THAT much money spend on me at once, those gorgeous things are pertty dang expensive by my standards!
 Thats how I roll, so a super ring isn't exactly suited for me, but if I were to receive one of course I'd except it! ;)  
So even though I don't plan on ever wearing a Tiffany's ring, they are so much fun to look at and try on! Just being in the beautiful store feels like perfection.
 As Audrey Hepburn stated in her role as Holly Golighly in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffanys,"Well, when I get it [the blues] the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there { because there are sooo many security officers to escort you from display to display! ;) }. If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's, then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name!".

Shopping in general calms me down. Especially fine merchandise stores filled with beautiful, yet oh-so-outrageously expensive things, like Tiffanys. Like Holly said, just the proud look of it.  The beauty. The staturesquness. The perfection. However unless someday I become extravagantly rich (which is very low on my list of priorities) I would never spend my money that way, on top-rack big-name designers unless it was on a major clearance sale or second hand or post season. As Kate Spade puts it, "I've never been a millionaire, but I know I'd be just darling at it!". But like I said, that is not my life goal, nor should it become anyone's goal. But sure a girl can dream. 
"We didn't bring anything into this world, and we can't take anything out of it. As long as we have food in our stomachs and clothes covering our body, we should be satisfied. But people who want to get rich keep falling into temptation. They are trapped by many stupid and harmful desires which drown them in destruction and ruin. Certainly, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Some people who have set their hearts on getting rich have wondered away from the Christian faith and have caused themselves a lot of grief." - 1 Timothy 6:7-10

But anyways. I'll jump off my soap box lecture about what's wrong with wanting to be a millionaire. Retail therapy deserves an entire post of its own, and that isn't the point of this post. So theres an up and coming topic. Actually I have a lot of intersting post-topics compiled. As time allows (school started yesterday, I'm a sophomore now and am taking a lot of classes),  blogging will be one of my main hobbies it looks like since I can't play any sports due to my injury (more on that in a later post once I have more details)! Wait...I'm rambling. I'll stop now and continue with the article I have prepared for you today :) 

Getting to the point - MY FAVORITE COLOR! What does anything I just talked about in those previous paragraphs have to do with it? I know. It doesn't make very much sense. Let me explain. My favorite color is the shade of blue that Tiffany's uses on their packaging! Basically its the prettiest shade combo of turquoise, mint, and baby blue!

Isn't it a pretty shade of blue? 



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