Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finally made a blog!

Well. I'm finally getting around to it! I started a blog. I'm not exactly a writer, but I figure blogging would be good for me to get more experience and at least try to write well. So that said, I apologize to any and all grammar nazis out there, I'm not perfect; I have the ability to mis-spell words,use incorrect grammar,improper punctuation,run- on sentences, etc.. (end of thinking capacity). But I'm going to do my best to have decent quality blogging :)
 This blog is just an outlet for stuff I find interesting. So that could be anything. Fashion. Recipes. News. School. Politics. Humor. Health/fitness. Pictures. Product reviews. Rants and ramblings. You name it, it could end up on here! 
I'll post when I can, but be aware I'm busy with school and my life so it's not going to be an every day deal, so y'all come back now, y'hear?

~ Christina Ballerina <3 ~