Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentines Day/Single's Awareness Day!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really do! 
I am so thankful that you are a part of my life. Each and everyone whom I have the pleasure to know has had an impact on my life and I love you. 
Good friends are hard to find, and you're truly are an amazing person and are very important to me.
 I am so blessed by y'all and I hope you feel the love! Happy Valentines day! 


So I'm sure you're wondering why this post is two days late. Well, I have a simple excuse-  I postponed Valentines day due to a debate tournament! I was going to post this on the real valentines day, but by then, my laptop battery died from research and I forgot my charger. Plus, who doesn't like a little bit of love no matter when they get it? 

So like I said, I spent my Valentines Day at a debate tournament. (I'll post about that another time as I'm too exhausted to write about it now, but it was awesome.) That really was no big deal to me, as I have no significant other, but I do have amazing friends and an awesome family! I bought myself a bouquet of fake flowers, because I needed them for decorating anyways. Then I bought myself a chocolate bar,or two, or three... because I love them. I baked a ton of cookies for my friends, not sure who all got to eat them because a few whom I will not name pigged out. Then I received a pretty pink rose from a random super sweet little girl at the tournament- I don't even know who she was! And then of course I got some really sweet cards and more candy from my family, today! 

 Yeah, I'm single. Why do so many people find that sooo hard to believe? Why is it so hard to come to terms with the fact I have high standards and have yet to find a young man amazing enough to let him change my relationship status? It really dosn't bother me, so don't let that bother you! God will send me the perfect guy in His time. At age 16, that is not now, at least for me. But for those of you who are in relationships and had a mushy Valentines Day rather than Singles Awareness day, I'm happy for you! On the flip side, candy's on sale as of this weekend!!! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy New Year (Belated) - Life Update

Hey y'all. It's been awhile, hasn't it? Totally my fault, I've not only been busy, but have had a big case of writers block. So please, I beg, comment at the end of this and tell me what you like to read and maybe I can post more often. I really want to!!! So, pretty please with an imaginary three course dinner with a nine dish desert  meal of whatever you'd like all cooked by me on top, send me requests ??? I know y'all love food. I mean come on, that ought to get ya interested in being helpful! :)

Anyways, moving on down the post so you can eventuallllly get to the comment box. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, I just wished you a Happy New Year, two months and six days into the year. I can do that, because I'm awesome. No, really its just because I haven't made time to do so before. So I just crossed a big accomplishment off my checklist. (No not really, honestly it was very low on the list on the very back burner.) 

Busy you ask. Busy with what? Good question. I'm not really sure. Life. Family. School. Friends. and everything that goes along with all of that!

Life? Life's interesting. I'm three months short of being half way through high school. Happy that this typically rough part of life is half-way over, but at the same time frustrated because not far off from now I'm going to be an adult starting a new life of my own. Honestly I find that really exciting and am looking forward to it, even though its scary at the same time. But for now, I'm just gonna focus on getting through high school and making the most of my relationships with other human beings! And have fun. Carpe diem!!! (aka the YOLO for smart people who realize YODO too!)  What do I do for fun anyways...I gotta think about that one. Usually I just go shopping or bake or have a photo-shoot or take a drive OR listen to music and just chill on the internet or even take a three hour nap with my cat. Being a teenager is tiring! I need my beauty sleep sanity sleep, and lots of it. We all do! We're not lazy, we're just exhausted from growing and learning and making life plans and dealing with all the drama that life throws at us.
My Christmas Holiday break was great. Pretty chill. My best friend came home to visit so I spent quite a bit of it with her! Baked a ton of delicious desserts. Did a lot of shopping, had a few bon-fire parties, and of course lots of Christmas and New Year celebrations! 
The New Year is starting off well, I didn't make any resolutions. Well except the typical try not to gain a ton of weight one. But with my exercise status that is possible. More on that later. 
A few weeks ago I was asked to do a purposeful photoshoot, meaning not for a few perfect profile pics or flood of instagrams. I got to do my friends audition portraits for ballet summer intensives. They turned out pretty well and I got some cool fun shots as well. 
Today we got a bit of southern snow. So basically non-existent. But it was snow. I also finally got my hair cut - took four inches off. It's still long  but the ends look sooo much better. I don't think I've had it cut since last spring. Oops... #ILOVEMYLONGBLONDEHAIR 

Like I said, school is in full swing. I had the flu or something similar most of last week so I got a tad bit behind, so this week is kinda crazy. I'm only writing now to escape the stress with a decent form of procrastination that needed to be done. 
But some exciting news is that my first debate tournament is next week! So I'm frantically gathering evidence for briefs. Putting together professional outfits. As well as continuously tweaking my partner and I's own rather awesome case, if I do say so myself. For now anyways. We'll see how it does in competition. Currently I have about  5 days to get it memorized and read at a decent speed but under 8 minutes. No pressure there...ha. But despite the nervousness and slight bit of stress being experienced, I'm super excited. I don't care about placing well, it's just going to be a fun and exciting experience for learning and growth in my adventure of policy debate. I'm thankful for such a great partner and friend who was willing to compete with a novice! Thank you W.!

As for how my hips are doing, they're doing fine I guess. However last month when I tried to start adding running to my walks, they started hurting really badly again. Even just sprinting a really short distance. Ran into my PT and she said to avoid it if it inflamed it. It took three days of Advil to calm it down. So I'm still not exactly very active. Especially not since its been cold! So I'm gonna do my best to stay skinny with things like squats and dead-lifts and push-ups and planks and mountain-climbers and jumping-jacks and burpees and exercises of that sort.But that's OK I never really liked running anyways. As for the Nurtrarian diet I mentioned a few months ago...lets just say that since the holidays I haven't been following it as well as I could, definitely need to work on that. I've been consuming too much Nutella and other forms of the lovely substance called chocolate. But I still eat mostly G-BOMS (greens, beans, mushrooms, and seeds/nuts) on top of it so I guess I'm not off the wagon too badly. 

Notice how friends are at the end, I'm too busy to do much with them, and vice versa. Usually when we're together its for school purposes. But when we do get together the fun level is epicly awesome. I just made a word there. Oh the life of a home-schooled high-schooler  on track for big college plans. Ha. I'm laughing right now, (I know right, big surprise to those of though who know me. I'm always laughing about something.) because Google's auto correct is wanting to correct highschooler with preschooler. Hmm. That says alot about how we act when me and my friends are together. So maybe it is better that we don't hang out in person too often...well actually it gets a little crazier on Skype, you know when you make crazy faces over the awkwardness of video chatting and then the camera freezes. Then there's group texting that turns into "who is this" arguments that last for days. Yeah, I'm just a teenage girl.  Here's a screen shot of that auto correct in case you have a hard time believing that. But back to friends. I love each and every one of y'all! Y'all are all so fabulous you their own individual way and we have so much fun together. I don't know what I'd do without you! If you're reading this there's a 94% chance you're one of them, at least according to my Google Analytics statistics. 

Thanks for reading my blog!
Christina <3