FAI (femoral acetabular impingement)

All of my posts tagged with FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement). Will be adding posts to it as I go along in my journey with FAI. Will be past tense soon hopefully!

If you're dealing with FAI yourself, I hope that you find these post's helpful and [hopefully] encouraging.


What I'm up to These Days - Fall 2013 (I mention FAI and my experience with Airosti for it)

Happy New Year (Belated) - Life Update (FAI is mentioned in terms of alternative therapy was not a fix, still in pain and not able to be physically active)


Right Hip- 
I guess I own y'all an update. (FAI Pre-op, right hip)

Left Hip- 
Coming Soon: FAI Surgery #2 (FAI Pre-op, left hip)

Surgery has been postponed: I'm sick (Pre-op, left hip)

Surgery reschedule is scheduled! (Pre-op, left hip)

Post op:

Right Hip-

Day 12 Post-Op Update (Right Hip)

4 Month Post-op Update (Right Hip)

Left Hip-

2 Week Post-op Update (Post-op left hip)

6 Week Post-op Update (Post-op left hip)

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