Sunday, October 5, 2014

4 Month Post-op Update (Right Hip)

I'm just here to report that I'm doing well recovering from the surgery I had this summer for FAI on my right hip (femoral acetabular impingement)!

As of this week, approx. week 16 (4 months) I've made a ton of progress. I'm in little/no pain in the operative joint and I'm ready for the other hip to get done and get further on track to being normal, healthy and active again! 

Physical therapy has gone really well, thanks to my awesome PT! 
For the first 6 weeks the focus was on flexibility and non-weight bearing strengthening. Then the next 6 weeks I got to do fairly normal exercises, mostly partial weigh-bearing but some full. Due to insurance purposes I'm done with going to PT but I'm still doing all of it at home, and and am adding some of my "normal" exercises back in. I'm not able the same amount of reps I was doing pre-op but that's OK. I can't workout every day though, because it irritates it and causes further intra-articular joint swelling. But that's  getting much better and will eventually go away completely. 

So far so good! I think its pretty safe to say that the surgery executed its purpose: increased my range of motion and decreased the pain associated with the joint being impinged by un-impinging it!  I'll give a full report on this after I have the other hip operated on. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!!! Sorry I've been such an inactive blogger. Life is  insanely busy these days, especially with FAI related medical activities so for now that's really all I have to blog about. Eventually this blog will get away from being a FAI related medical journal and will go back to being filled with fun. 


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