Saturday, October 11, 2014

Coming Soon: FAI Surgery #2 (Pre-op, left hip)

Hey y'all. I had mentioned that I'd be having a second surgery this fall. (full background & details in the link) Well here it comes...

I'm having surgery for my left hip's FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement), this Wednesday (Oct. 15th). 

It'll pretty much be the same surgery that I had done on the right hip this past June. It will be arthroscopic, using 2-4 small incisions. The number of incisions depends on what all is going to need to be done inside the joint. It'll start off with two, but if the labrum is damaged, it'll need repairing and they'll need to add another couple of holes to get more access.  Hopefully there isn't any labrum damage, but its definitely possible. The right labrum was fine, but lately the left one has been catching on itself and popping more than usual. Torn labrum is the suspect, we won't know for sure until they get in there. On the MRI taken in May, it was only bruised.  But for sure, the surgery will involve shaving off the bony lesions on both the ball and socket sides of the hip joint. 

I don't have too many concerns about this surgery. I have a great doctor, the surgery itself is relatively low-risk, and I've been through it once already and know what to expect. I'm looking forward to getting it over with and am excited that in a few months FAI will no longer be a part of my life. 

I have one  main concern however, and that is that during the past month and a half I've been experiencing severe numbness/stiffness in my left calf muscle and foot and it hasn't gone away. Doc doesn't  doesn't think it'll put the surgery off though. My PT ruled out a blood clot and spinal/brain injuries. Chiropractor worked on my SI joint and it helped somewhat,  but I'm going to have a deep tissue massage on it on Tuesday and I'm opening that that will help. It seems to be a muscular issue, probably since its been overcompensating my weight for awhile since I've been so off balance. Hopefully its nothing serious. 

I'm also stressed out about how this will affect my school year. I'm not going to be able to get much done during the recovery time, so I'll probably have to do school into next summer. I'll also be missing the PSAT next week and won't be able to take the ACT until the spring. I know it'll all work out but its still really stressful to  have this go on in the middle of your Junior year. Which is a pretty critical year for me since I'm planning on attending college and will absolutely need good grades, test scores, decent extra-curricular acheivement etc... to get  scholarships. But I know it will all work out. God's plan is always what's perfect, my plans are not. 

I'd really appreciate your prayers for me, my family, the surgeon,  the recovery period, my physical therapists, the end results, and ultimately that God would be glorified through everything involved in this situation and how I'm able to use my life afterwards. Specifically that the surgery will go smoothly and be successful, and that I won't have any sort of complications from the surgery, major or minor. That the numbness and pain that I'm currently experiencing with my calf isn't anything serious like compartment syndrome.  That I won't have any pregnancy/delivery related issues from the FAI once I'm married and decide to have kids and that the FAI gene won't be passed on, if it was indeed hereditary.  And finally, that the supposed life-long  results will be positive and that I won't re-develop FAI or develop any arthritis in that joint or ever need a  hip replacement. 

Thanks so much.  I love all of y'all so much and I'm so thankful for your friendships,  prayers and encouragement. 

My mom will email an update probably Thursday or Friday. I won't be able to be on the laptop and thus my blog or skype during the first couple of weeks, but I'll have my phone and will thus have access to Facebook/Instagram and some emails and you of course can text me. Visitors are welcome in small doses!


  1. I'm very grateful to read this update and understand more...but I'm so sorry for all that you've been going through! I'm praying for GOD to bring healing and peace and to calm any worries about the future. You're in HIS hands and that's the best place to be! Love you!!

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging note, Jaimee!!! YES! His hands are the perfect place to be :)


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