Sunday, October 20, 2013

What I'm up to These Days

Hey y'all :) Whatcha been up to? Sorry I haven't written much of anything lately. Life's crazy and blogging has fallen to the back burner but still a priority pastime (but yes, I admit, Pinterest and Tumblr are the instant attraction when I have a free moment or two. It takes more time and patience to actually write  a post from scratch!).


I hope you're enjoying this week's weather as much as I am! Down south here rain and chilly weather is a rare occurrence that I absolutely love. Perfect time to pull out those cute over-sized sweaters and leggings and fuzzy blankets and head over to the store for Nutella and Hot Chocolate! It was rainy and chills for a few days, now its sunny and chilly and absolutely gorgeous. Rather bi-polar weather we're having.

Well I don't know about y'all, but I'd assume that y'alls lives are passing by at the speed of light like mine is! School is in full swing. Sports are getting serious. Obama-care just got started and the government is shut down (I wrote this part of the post earlier this week. Government has since re-opened), but life for the American people still goes on! I've been so occupied lately! Not with any thing out-of-the-ordinary, just normal stuff. Like school, debate, physical therapy, and just everything else I do (not really sure what but I know I've been busy!)

It's my sophomore year. So far (this semester), I'm taking: 

  • American History
  • American Literature
  • Economics
  • Spanish 1
  • Algebra 1 (i didn't start it til 2nd semester last year because I'm behind with math), 
  • Chemistry and Physics (yes, concurrently. Crazy I know but I really want them out of my way so that in my Jr. year I can take Human A&P and then my senior year either Microbiology or Marine Biology. I LOVE biology)
  •  Life Science based composition
  • Health/Nutrition
  • Team Policy Debate                                                                                                          
Yeah! A lot of stuff! But it's not too bad. Just makes it hard to blog regularly. 

Since I'm not able to do ballet anymore (if your new here, I have a hip injury that keeps me from my beloved sport), debate is my new extra-curricular/sport. That's right. I said sport. Its a sport for the mind. Call me a nerd, I don't care, but just so you know, we prefer the term "Intellectual Beast". Debate is a ton of fun. Hard at first but worth it. You gain a ton of skills from it, get to socialize with really nice like minded people, have the option to compete at a ton of different tournaments (I'm only planning on doing one this year), you can wear awesome clothes. I love it! Though I have to admit being a novice presents a very steep learning curve. Currently I'm only doing Team Policy, but next year depending on the resolution, I would like to switch to Lincoln Douglas and do a speech event or two.

Since I'm  injured, I'm in physical therapy (airrosti). Its going really well and it looks like I won't be needing surgery anytime soon! I have FAI Hip Impingement, which is basically a jammed hip socket that isn't shaped right and it causes pain and severe loss in r.o.m. Late this past summer I had cortisone shots into both hips. That helped somewhat but I was still having a ton of bursitis type pain in the sides of my hips and my SI joint was constantly locking up and I couldn't lift my foot behind me past knee level. Now, with the help of Airrosti therapy (physical therapy + myofacial release massage + chiropractic all combined into one therapy) I rarely have to take any kind of pain killer, I'm getting alot stronger and more flexible, and more than likely won't be having to have surgery! But I still shouldn't ever dance ballet again because that would make it very possible to easily tear the labrum and that would mean I'd have to have surgery. I don't want to have surgery, because even though it's arthroscopic, the recovery period is super long and difficult and ain't nobody got time for that!

Oh yeah, I recently got around to getting my drivers permit. It took us awhile but now I have it. Picture turned out not so pretty. And we had to go to the DMV 3 times because of documentation issues (make sure you have the original copy of EVERYTHING you're supposed to take and that both of your parents names are on them) But hey, I can drive now...well with adult supervision.

Also, I'm on Dr. Fuhrman's Nutrarian Diet. Not for the purpose of loosing weight, as I don't need to do that. Just for the sake of improving my over-all health and attempting to clear up issues such as acne, depression, nausea, and hormone imbalances. So far I have to admit I do feel alot better when I follow the diet. If I eat sugar however, I notice that 2 days afterwards I spiral into depression. No fun. So as long as I stay away from sugar I generally should be on the happy side.  I'm also noticing that my skin may not be as oily as it usually can be, but it's hard to tell because it's been super humid lately. Also I'm noticing that I seem to be more energetic, which is a really big thing because several years ago I had mono and ever since then I'm usually pretty lethargic. Click here to find out more about this awesome diet.

Currently I'm trying to recover from my hard-drive crash I wrote about in my last post. I lost basically all of my photos, minus what I had on my photography blog, and what I had on my family's electronic photo-frame. I have old stuff (meaning pre-summer 2013) on my parents computer and even older stuff (2011-early winter 2013) backed up on an external drive. So basically I don't have anything of importance left. As for documents, I lost my high school transcripts and resume and volunteer hour log, as well as lots of important essays and lab reports and other school related documents. Thankfully I didn't have very much music stored on that drive.  So yeah. I'm just trying to cope with the loss of a ton of hard work and captured memories. Will have to call Adobe tomorrow to see if I can get my Lightroom software restored onto the new hard-drive.

And in my spare time, I enjoy sifting through Pinterest, posting to my Tumblr blog(s), making outfits on Polyvore, sleeping, eating, hanging out with my awesome friends, watching Foyle's War, babysitting,  playing with my kitten, skeet-shooting, and shopping.

That's my fall semester in a nut shell!
Happy fall y'all! 

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