Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meet Bubbles: My Tiny Turtle

This introduction is long overdue, I've had/her/it (how exactly do  you sex a turtle barely the size of a half-dollar?) him since the beginning of August! I didn't want to post until I made sure it will survive. 

So, to anybody reading this, here's Bubbles!  He's really tiny - not any larger than a half-dollar coin! Isn't he adorable!?!?
(yes mom and dad, I'm loving my macro lens!!!)

Bubbles is a baby Slider Turtle that I rescued while snorkeling in the river late this past summer. 
By rescued I mean I found him all by his lonesome in really deep, ice cold water struggling to swim and he ended up in my lap, or actually under it. I was sitting on the edge of a ledge and I had seen him earlier when I was swimming and needed a chance to catch my breath and we both ended up on basically the only thing available to grab onto and I guess he thought that I made a great rock to crawl under. Well anyways I felt kinda bad for seemingly sitting on this cute little guy and luckily had a container on shore so I took him out of the water and put him in it. Five hours later after me being in the water all that time I didn't see any more turtles and this particular part of the river isn't exactly turtle friendly so I figured he probably got caught in the current and got separated from his family or something. So I brought him home with me and for the past month he's been quite content living with me :) 
I haven't been able to get very many pictures of him because he lives to squirm a lot and is so small that a macro lens is better to use so that makes it complicated.

But hopefully Bubbles will be my pet for years to come! Maybe once it warms up again and he's bigger I'll take him back to the river where I got him. We shall see! 
As you can probably tell  by now, I really love animals! 

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