Monday, October 21, 2013

My Workout Routine(s)

Was re-typing them for myself and I know some of y'all have asked for this. So here it is, a post with a few of my workouts all spelled out for you. 

THE BIG WORKOUT: 1-2x's a week. 

  • Go for long-ish walk/run
  • Foam roll (quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, full back) 
  • Plank, 3x30 sec hold
  • Jumping Jacks, x50
  • Squats, x50
  • Pushups,  2x20
  • Leg lifts, 2x15 
  • Vertical V pose, 2x60sec hold
  • Shoulder stand, 2x25sec hold
  • Bulgarian squats, x20per leg
  • Bridge, x25
  • Deadlifts, x30
  • Superman x10, 5sec hold
  • Jumping Jacks, x50 
  • Ballerina Lunges, x20per leg
  • Curls, 2x20 - 8lbs
  • Air Pushups, 2x20 - 8lbs
  • Arm raises, 2x20 front, 2x20 side - 8lbs
  • Triceps dips, 2x20 
  • Stretch and Foam roll
(yes you will feel like jello after that)

Daily Workout: 2x's a day
  • Foam Roll (quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, full back)
  • Goblet Squats. 2x30 - 15lbs 
  • Flutter Kicks, 50 (25 per leg alternated)
  • Dead-lifts, 2x30 -15lbs
  • Jumping Jacks, 50
  • Pushups, 25
  • Mountain Climbers, 2x30
  • PT exercises for shoulder instability
  • PT exercises for hip impingement
  • Plank, 3x40
  • Curls, 2x20 - 8lbs
  • Go for walk/run
  • Stretch and Foam Roll
 These are just starters, I usually mix and match depending on what I feel like doing and what my body needs. I add my PT exercises to these lists but those are tailored to my particular injuries so no need to share them on here because what helps my injuries may hurt yours.  I also incorporate CrossFit and insanity style workouts. I run../walk occasionally, but it has the tendency to irritate my hip pain. When it's warm and when I have access to a pool, I'll swim laps. So yeah. Just trying to keep my dancers body in shape! 

I get most of my workout inspo via Pinterest, this is my fitness board here and I'll google exercises for whatever muscle group I'm looking to target. Since I intern (well not at the moment, too busy but I do that on and off) at a physical therapy  clinic I also get tips from the doctors there. 

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