Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Faith, Family, Ducks - a guest post by Emery

        Hey! Emery here! I am a guest writer on Christina's wonderful blog! :)
*This post is the kick off to a series that Christina's starting on role models.*
Okay so I am here to talk about a well known show called DUCK DYNASTY! If you haven't heard of it just go ahead and crawl back under your rock. :)
So basically I am just a big fan of the Robertson clan, I always have been. But recently my love for this show escalated to the point where I was constantly on the family's fan pages, twitters, instagrams, etc. And you can learn a lot about a person just by looking at their twitter page, and throughout the last few weeks I learned that this family isn't just a few faces with a reality show. I looked through interviews, stories, I know so much about them now that I didn't before. My main interest lately has been Sadie Robertson. If you don't know her by name she is the daughter of the CEO of Duck Commander (Willie Robertson). Sadie is 16 and a Sophomore in high school, which makes her the perfect image for young girls. Sadie is no ordinary 16yr. old, she has crazy responsibility now that millions of people see her face every week. And let me tell you she took that responsibility and she ran with it. Her goal in life is to be an inspiration to people, young and old. Her mom finally let her have a public twitter and when that happened Sadie decided to start her mission by simply, writing bible verses here and there and just talking about God subtly for a while. She's been doing that for a while now so she decided to take the next step. She just recently started a YouTube she called TheNewDifferent (links at the bottom of the page). In this YouTube show she basically tells kids, well high school girls especially, how easy and almost effortless it can be to live the life the Lord wants us to live while we're young. She talks about Temptation a lot, she also talks about Modesty and Friends, etc. Okay so I don't want to give her all the credit because she does have a co-host. Kolby Koloff, she is on the reality show PRECHERS DAUGHTERS. I don't watch the show and I've rarely heard about it. But Sadie and Kolby met at summer camp and seemed to have ALOT in common and now they're changing the world one person at a time. And they need support so please watch the show, and spread the word! Sadie inspires me because she has millions of people starring at her all the time, and she still knows how take life one step at a time, in the right direction. I mean just look at other celebrities right now. Okay so I've rambled on enough about Sadie, so I'm just gonna end by saying, the whole Robertson family inspires me a lot! Missy (Jase's wife) is always tweeting Christian songs. Jase talks about the Lord during the show. So does Phil. Even Willie tweets bible verses and everything else pointing towards the Lord. They even hosted the K-Love music awards. Now that doesn't happen, with a family that's on the number #1 show in America. So honestly, how are they doing it?

- TheNewDifferent -
Oh and I forgot to mention, Sadie Roberson was recently asked to be spokes model for a new line of modest "Daddy Approved" prom dresses, called "Sadie Robertson Live Original" by Sherri Hill. So if you are attending Prom this next year I suggest you look there first, the line will be released this spring! :)


  1. Hey! Great post! Thanks for helping me kick off my new post series!

  2. Heyyyyy another way to stalk you! ;) great! haha just kidding, love your blog though. -marie


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