Saturday, September 14, 2013

Music Review: Kieth Urban's New Album, Fuse

Well, I believe its official that Keith Urban can no longer be considered country. Not that he ever truly was. I mean you could never hold him to comparison with George Strait, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Alan Jackson. He's always had more of a pop influence in his music. With his latest album, Fuse, released September 10th 2013 (4 days ago), there's basically nothing country about this album. Maybe some of the lyrics relate more to country life than they do suburbian, but the music style definitely isn't very country. None of the songs on Fuse are very catchy. I like the old Keith, with his fun, catchy, make you dance around and bounce up  and down in the car songs like "Put You In a Song", "Sweet Thing", "I'm In", "Days go By", and  "Somebody Like You". I also love his more emotional, meaningful song "For You" from the soundtrack of Act of Valor (LOVE that movie, except that nothing from it's soundtrack was even played in the movie, but each are awesome). 
So basically, I do not like this album very much and wouldn't bother looking into concert tickets and driving a long way to see it. The only song on this album that I think I might like is his duet with Miranda Lambert (which y'all have already expressed your dislike for her, but that' won't change my opinion.) titled "We Were Us". It's kind of cute. 
Listen to the album for yourself and see what you think! Keith Urban – Fuse

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