Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recordemur Semper: Remembering 9/11

Who remembers seeing nothing but this on the news all day,  & being told that your own town could have been next? Who remembers being scared? Even now, 12 years later, who gets nervous every time they see/hear a jet flying low? I do.

 Do you remember where were you when the world stopped turning? I do.

 Watch this and listen to the song!

Semper Fidelis - always remain faithful; never forget - Recordemur semper. (There's your Latin lesson of the day!) I will never forget the day we fell; It was scary to say the least.  I remember going places afterwards (especially historic battlegrounds and such, cause my parents love history) and being so young I didn't realize that there wasn't anything to be afraid of (like I thought that there was still a battle going on there...), I'd walk around in fear of seeing the t e r r o r i s t I had seen on the news jump out from behind something. But hey, I was barely 5 years old and back then I actually had an imagination and had a lot of nightmares.
 But the point of that is, 9/11 kinda scared me for life, as it has done to most Americans, though some of us have forgotten or simply just don't care because it didn't affect them directly, and that's  wrong. It most certainly does affect every.single.american.citizen. Think of how different everything (especially military politics and security and cultural discrimination) would be if that tragic event wouldn't have taken place? I believe things would be dramatically different. But sadly, it did happen. What's been done has been done and the devastating consequences will always affect us. Nearly 3,000 people died, more than 6,000 injured, and New York City and the American identity is forever changed. 

 It didn't fall, it crumbled all at once into a fiery pile of rubble, with thousands of people inside and everyone on the plane. How could something like this not stir up your patriotism?

I'm proud of my country where I'm from  and I stand firm in the value of Freedom. Please, nobody, forget what that event has done to change us. 

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