Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why I Think Ballet is Awesome & Disproving the Common Stereotype(s)

I was a ballerina (by the way, I define ballerina as a ballet dancer who is en pointe)  for approx. 7 years. So I was a ballerina? Why is that past tense? Because, due to the nature of ballet, I've gradually developed a serious injury, FAI Hip Impingement, and [no] thanks to that, I can't dance anymore because it will cause further damage and inflammation (thus resulting in even more pain than I'm in while being off of dance). As the title to this post suggests, you can probably see that I still love it even if I'm no longer physically able to do it.

I'm totally aware that most people aren't exactly enthusiasts of ballet...and honestly I don't understand why we get so much disrespect as athletes/artists. Unless you've tried ballet yourself, you probably think that ballerinas must be super weak to be that graceful and that ballet must be super easy and super girly and glamorous.'s quite the opposite...and as a dancer I wish to tell the world that...

So this post is a collection of pictures and videos that really show off this beautiful,powerful,glamourous and gritty sport of an art and why I love it and think its so awesome.

I hope y'all enjoy this and possibly develop more respect for dancers and recognize them as legit athletes :)

 Read all the way to the bottom - cool stuff awaits! First is pictures of the stereotype, the next section is of reality :)


  • "All ballerinas do is twirl around in pretty pink tutus holding a teddy bear above their heads." 
  • Stick-thin/no figure
  • Weak 
  • Rich
  • Snobby
  • Girly/prim/proper


^-- Ballet is a team sport, it takes the entire company to pull together and put on a performance
^--- Misty Copeland. Amazing.
^-- Pretty...and Not so pretty... Dancers never claimed to have pretty feet! 
^--We have a tolerance to getting dizzy
^-- So why exactly are we stereotyped as weaklings???? 
^-- Some of the most amazing ballerinas are trained in Russia
^-- Strength and Power and Grace
^--We're light on our feet
^--- Basically.
^-- Yeah buddy.
^--- Svetlana Zakharova. Need I say more!?!? (she's absolutely fabulous)
^--Dance for two
^--Dancers don't get paid very much, it's passion that motivates us
^-- Even our feet are flexible
^-- Interview/Demonstration with Aria Alekzander 
^--Backstage Beauty
^-- Theres a ton of physics behind ballet (duh.) (article about that coming soon!)
^-- Not only are we strong, we're extremely flexible
^-- Anaheim Ballet Festival Mixer Vid (short)
^--We can fly
^-- Strength is key for balance and precision
^-- Ballet is absolutely exhausting
^-- Ballerinas have extremely strong legs
^-- Perfect.
^-- Beautiful Variation
^-- Making lines with your body is the key concept
^-- We're just awesome this way.
 ^-- Probably one of the toughest things
^-- We wouldn't be flexible if we didn't work at it

 ^-- But thats just cause we work so hard :)

Thanks for watching!

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