Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gone Fishin'

A group of friends and I (OK make that my brother and his friends and I) went fishin' this evening with our local Christian huntin' club earlier this evening.

We found what we thought to be a good spot along the creek. It was deep, open, not as many branches to get our lines caught in as there were upstream. It was also very peaceful, atleast compared to the area overrun with kids who had never fished before who were still pretty skeptical.
So we're sitting on the bank way down from where the craziness and just talking and messing around with our poles trying to fix em' (I never could get mine to cast right. But that's OK, nobody was catchin anything anyways) and sippin' on sweet tea and trying to catch minnows for bait (Yeah. We had a fishing party and forgot to buy bait and everyone was to lazy to drive to the "nearest" bait shop) .
When all of the sudden, the peace disappears. On the dirt road across the way there comes this truck. Going really really fast. Like sliding on the gravel fast. (OK I admit that's fun...) Just blaring. I mean blaring out really explicit rap (I have nothing against rap, but this was really bad stuff that shouldn't have been playing anywhere in public, whether that be your dirt road or downtown.). And It keeps driving back and fourth - as if to say "I'm here to blast y'all out I hope you were having fun it's my turn to disturb nature. But this time with noise pollution!". He kept doing it and then dad hollered down that the BBQ was ready. So we got up and left.

When we told our group how our fishing went we told em about it and everyone goes at once, "I BET IT WAS A DODGE, WAS IT!?!?!?"
Ford > Chevy > Dodge.
It was a chevy, but the driver must be a Dodge lover at heart wantin' to disturb the peace and be intimidating  like that. Rude. Ford people are the friendliest bunch you'll ever meet, I promise ;)

It was a fun and humorous evening filled with good food, nature, and Christian fellowship - even though the only thing caught was a small snapping turtle (we threw him back.)  I hope y'all had a nice evening as well! Get out and go fishin! This spring is beautiful!

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